Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Care For My Jewellery:

I want you to be able to wear your piece of sea glass jewellery for many many years. However, by nature sterling silver will tarnish over time, this is due to the copper content present in the silver. Wearing your silver jewellery will to some extent prevent tarnishing, as will storing it in a box when not. I’d also advise removing any jewellery before showering or swimming, and avoid contact with perfume or any sprays as this all contributes to tarnishing.

To clean your silver I suggest using a jewellery cloth specialised for the purpose (being careful to avoid the sea glass with the cloth as you clean), or you can use Silver Dip (please read the instructions) - this won’t damage the sea glass.

You may find over time that the sea glass starts to look ‘darker’ or ‘dirty’, this can be resolved by giving it a clean using an old soft toothbrush and some washing-up liquid or soap. This method is also good to clean silver that hasn’t become too tarnished. To bring back the shine to your sea glass, simply rub a little amount of food grade/cosmetic oil (olive oil is fine) over the glass using your finger or clean cloth.

If you would prefer me to clean your jewellery piece for you, then I am more than happy to do so. All I ask is for you to cover the price of postage. Please contact me via email:


How Do I Measure To Size A Bangle: 

Bangles are sized by their diameter; this is the length of the line through the centre of bangle from one side to the other (the widest point). The easiest way to find your bangle size, is to measure the diameter of a good fitting bangle that you already own. Alternatively, you can measure your hand at the widest point; bring your thumb in, as if you were about to put a bangle on. Now measure across your hand at the widest point; this measurement is the diameter. It might be helpful to ask someone to do this for you. Note, if your exact size isn't available, it is better to order a bracelet size slightly larger than smaller.

Size S     - small                        60 mm diameter 

Size S/M - small / medium      63mm diameter

Size M    - medium                   65mm diameter

Size M/L - medium / large       68mm diameter

Size L     - large                         70mm diameter

Size XL   - extra large               73mm diameter



What If I Don’t Know My Ring Size:

If you don't already know your ring size, that isn't a problem as I have ring sizers available to purchase in my shop. Inexpensive and easy to use, simply wrap around your finger and read your size. 

Firstly, thread the end through the loop at the opposite end and pull reasonably tight to fit over your knuckle of the finger you wish the ring to fit (but not so tight it won't move). You then want to slide the sizer down your finger and see how it feels for fit. You want your ring to fit so that it is neither too tight, nor too loose and the ring sizer should be able to slide back up over your knuckle. One tip, try to keep the sizer as round as possible, don't distort the shape by squeezing it.

You may find this YouTube clip useful:



Do You Do Customised Orders:

Yes, I am more than happy to discuss any ideas you have for that special piece of jewellery. Please allow plenty of time if it is to be a gift needed by a specific date.